The Organization of Fisheries Producers of the Port and Ría de Marín continues the work that began in 2018 with the presentation of a report on women in fishing.

It is not so much about feminizing fishing, which is also about changing the image of this “masculine” activity. It is not a question of favoring the professionals of this world, who defend themselves perfectly, but of seeing and admiring them. It is not the reason to change the language, but rather that it reflects reality. And, above all, it is not the motivation to contemplate the past or the present, but to enhance the future. A future in which the words fisherman, owner, employer or researcher are in common use. Fishing was always also female. It is time for boys and girls to know, improve us and turn private truth into public truth. And that is why, from the hand of Opromar, “Bravas do Mar” was born

In 2018, this same organization held in Marín “Fishing for equality”, a day dedicated to highlighting the role of women in the fishing sector, which included the presentation of a report from the University of Vigo on the reality of professionals with negative conclusions in terms of aspects such as visibility, salary equality or equal opportunities. Already at that time, the leaders of the Marine institution announced that this work would continue.

Two years later, the Organization of Fisheries Producers of the Port and Ría de Marín presents “Bravas do Mar”, a documentary and a book that collect the testimonies of ten women from O Rosal, Viveiro, Ribeira, Ourense, Bueu and Pontevedra who contribute her experience in a world erroneously considered male but in which women have always played a fundamental role. Fishing patrons, company managers, researchers, shipowners, retailers and fish market managers offer their point of view on the sector and tell in first person their trajectory in an activity in which men have always enjoyed recognition that women it has been denied.

Bravas on their own merit

The name “Bravas” arose from the double meaning of this word: on the one hand, strength and courage; on the other, excellence. For Opromar, the «Bravas do Mar» have all these characteristics «and it is everyone’s responsibility to make them known to the public».

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